Why Mount Holly?

As parents of children with autism and developmental disabilities, we are faced with many challenges. But nothing compared to the challenge both our children and we will face when said child transitions into adulthood. What future can we promise our children when we do not know ourselves?

That’s what we wanted to change. When we created the Zefer Foundation back in 2015, our eventual goal was to create businesses locally that will employ adults with autism and developmental disabilities.

What future can we promise our children when we do not know ourselves?

Based on some research into businesses that made the most sense and were the best business models for our mission, we decided that a coffee shop and cafe was the best one to start with. The first challenge was to come up with a name for our coffee shop, which you can read about here. We were off on our mission but were now presented with a series of new challenges, all surrounded by one central question: where do we go to create our first business? After some hunting, a location fell into our laps like a gift.  After reviewing some possible other locations, it was obvious that our destiny was to start our business in Mount Holly, NJ in the Mill Race Village.  Here are the reasons we chose Mount Holly, NJ as our location for Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe, many of them facilities catered for the autistic and developmentally disabled.

  1. The Arc of New Jersey Family Institute was developed as a resource for families of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  2. The close proximity to the Burlington County Special Services Resource Center. BCSSSD educates students with special needs from across Burlington County, including Mount Holly and surrounding areas. The resources provided by the Burlington County Special Services Center are based on a continuum of options for students with behavioral issues, featuring both traditional, classroom-based schools and alternative approaches.

  3. Another great asset locally is the Githens Center: a non-profit organization that provides programs and services which help meet the physical, therapeutic and social needs of individuals with cerebral palsy or other disabilities and their families.

  4. Powerhouse Rowan University continues to grow by  merging with Burlington County College in Mount Holly, as well as neighboring Mount Laurel, NJ. The beautiful buildings right off Main Street are a stone’s throw from White Street, the location of Breaking Grounds. Students survive on caffeine and fresh air—both of which are served with smiles just a few blocks away.

  5. A New development project in Mill Race Village, the Eagle Foundry. The Eagle Foundry is a bone in the newly built spine in the center of Mount Holly, and part of the reemergence of culture and arts that will aide in the growing populace of street traffic in the Mill Race Village. The Eagle Foundry is a multi use cultural center located at 30 Church Street in the Mill Race Village in downtown Mount Holly. When the project is finished the 10 warehouse complex will be home to a distillery, a public art gallery, 6 loft styled apartments, artists’ studios, a gym (complete with a climbing wall), retail shops, a catering hall, and The Mill Race Theatrical Company ( Mount Holly’s immersive theater).

  6. We will be a block from one of the most historic eateries in the area, Robin’s Nest.  Known for its Sunday brunches, the Robin’s Nest Restaurant is located right in the heart of downtown Mount Holly and truly gives the town its pulse. Known for its fusion of interesting, ecletic cuisine peppered with a French American flair, the Robin’s Nest is a quaint find with vintage decor & old-fashioned bar for carefully sourced dishes & delicate sweets. What better way to cap off your Sunday brunch or dinner with a delicious Breaking Grounds coffee and a neighborhood stroll?

  7. The Best Bang for Our Buck! The rent for the building and location was perfect. We truly feel that Mount Holly was the obvious choice for Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe. Not only for the building itself, but the proximity to Harvest Roastery in Medford helps us to serve delicious, fresh coffee every day. This relationship will help us serve the BEST coffee choices in the area.

  8. New Jersey law provides for a power of attorney.   Mount Holly is one of the largest population of this type of representation. The large number of adults with developmental disabilities also live in the surrounding areas.

So, those are just eight (8) of the reasons we chose Mount Holly, NJ. We cannot wait to get started!


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