6-Month Celebration!

On Friday, May 25th, the staff at Breaking Grounds was treated to a night of bowling to commemorate our six-month anniversary. The event was hosted by Pinsetters in Pennsauken, NJ and featured finger food favorites like sliders and French fries. The night ended with a delicious layer cake for the crew that cleverly was decorated with a coffee montage. Overall, it was a fantastic bonding experience between the developmentally disabled employees and their managers, as well as a chance for the entire staff to get to know a little more about each other.

“Because we all work different shifts, we haven’t had a real opportunity to mingle much,” said John Crawford. “I also got to interact with the staff in a social setting. You get to see more of their personality and what makes each of them unique. Overall, this was a cool way to see everyone and create a great memory.”

The event was coordinated by Brandi Fishman, the owner. “I am fairly certain we will not be celebrating every six months after this… probably every year. But the first six months is a HUGE milestone. It was quite an undertaking for everyone to  learn on the fly and make this business the success it is today. I wanted to reward those who have helped me see my vision come true.”

Although some of the staff and managers could not make it due to prior commitments and illnesses, the turnout as great and the night featured six teams of bowlers.

“I want to make working at Breaking Grounds both fulfilling and fun,” said Brandi. “We also want the customers to feel that love when they walk through the door.”

Special thanks to the parents of the staff and Pinsetters as well for being so accommodating to make this night possible. BG

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