Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe is a unique, nonprofit coffee shop in Mount Holly, NJ. We first opened December 1, 2017 and as the genesis of the Zefer Foundation. The Breaking Grounds team uses the mission of the Zefer Foundation:


To shift society’s perception of individuals with Developmental Disabilities. We will accomplish this by collaborating with individuals and agencies to create unprecedented opportunities for inclusion and diversity in the areas of employment, housing and recreation.

Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe will provide the support and resources necessary and create an environment that ensures true inclusion is possible in all areas of the community for all its citizens for the betterment of society, as a whole. “Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe believes that it is our moral imperative to provide individuals with developmental disabilities with the benefits and opportunity to improve their quality of life, gain employment and have meaningful participation in the community.”

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We proudly serve Harvest Coffee! 

Harvest Coffee is a small batch roastery in historic Medford, New Jersey. Their careful roasting process is what sets their beans apart. Their master roaster, Joe Johnston, roasts on the light to medium side, yielding a less bitter and more flavorful cup. He started researching the roasting process long before he held green beans in his hand. After studying the craft of roasting with world-renowned coffee expert, Mané Alves, at the Coffee Lab in Waterbury, Vermont, he started roasting sample batches at home, sharing with family and friends. His children joined him to create Harvest Coffee, bringing fresh roasts and coffee education to southern New Jersey and beyond.

Breaking Grounds and Harvest Coffee ... a love story

When we found the location in the Mill Race Village it screamed COFFEE SHOP. Having no experience with owning or working at a coffee shop, I enlisted the help of my favorite coffee shop in Medford, Harvest Coffee Roastery. August 7, 2017 was the date of my first meeting with Joe Johnston Jr, owner of Harvest Roast Coffee. When I explained the mission of the Zefer Foundation and my vision for Breaking Grounds, he was all in! It became a family affair! Joe SR, is a roaster and electrician by trade. He came out to Breaking Grounds to help with the overall design, as well as his daughter, Jamie, who helped with the design of our back bar. His son, Joe Jr., helped us pick out all of the necessary equipment  and has led all of our team trainings. Harvest has been paramount to the success of Breaking Grounds Coffee and Cafe. Joe Jr. continues to be a tremendous support for Breaking Grounds when it comes to management of the cafe of coffee service, and Joe Sr is always first on the scene with electrical issues. As some of you know, our building was built in 1778, so when it comes to electrical challenges, we have had plenty.


Looking ahead, Joe Jr  has worked with us to collaborate in the design of Breaking Grounds at Rowan, which is set to open next year. 

We offer a 10% discount on all purchases to: 
  • Military
  • Mount Holly Police
  • Students (with ID)



Thanks for

all you do!

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